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>007 Retrospective
>2001: A Space Odyssey
>A Taste of Revenge...
>Across The Universe Sing Along
>Alien & Aliens - Double Feature
>All Movie Marathons
>Arnie All Nighter
>Arnie Fridays
>At The PCC : Three Month Special Event Planner
>Avengers Warm-Up Marathon
>Back To The Future Trilogy
>BEER & PIZZA PARTY presents... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : The Secret Of The Ooze
>Beyond Clueless with Director Charlie Lyne Q&A
>Bloodied & Broken Hearts
>Bruce Springsteen - Music Video Sing-Along
>Christmas at the PCC!
>Cine Espanol
>Classic Film Season
>Double Bills
>Elf - Quote Along
>Friday Night at the Movies
>Frozen : Sing-Along
>Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day
>Home Alone - Quote Along
>Indiana Jones Trilogy
>Its A Wonderful Life
>Labyrinth Masquerade Ball
>Mean Girls - Bitch Along
>Membership Discount Offers
>Mulled Wine & Mince Pies
>My Bloody Valentine (1981) - Anti-Valentines Party
>Online Membership Purchases
>Pulp Fiction - a Bad Motherf**king Party
>Q&A - Audio Archive
>Quentin Tarantino Retrospective
>Richard Linklater Selectrospective
>SCREAM Marathon
>Scroobius Pips Film Club
>Sing-A-Long-A Dirty Dancing
>Sing-A-Long-A Events
>Sing-A-Long-A Grease
>Sing-A-Long-A Moulin Rouge
>Sing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
>Sing-A-Long-A Sound Of Music
>Spice World - Sing-Along
>Swear Along with South Park
>The Before Trilogy
>The Good Bad Movie Club
>The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
>The Magic of Jim Henson
>The Muppet Christmas Carol - Sing Along
>The Nightmare Before Christmas - Sing Along
>The Room - with TOMMY WISEAU live on stage
>When Harry Met Sally - NYE Screening!
>While We Sweat Water & Blood - a season of films directed by women

Ticket Charges

Debit cards cost 25p per transaction
Credit Cards have a 3% charge.
Internet Booking Fee 75p per ticket

21 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
22 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
22 Dec 4:15pmFrozen : Sing-Along
22 Dec 7:15pmThe Nightmare Before Christmas
23 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
23 Dec 7:15pmThe Nightmare Before Christmas
24 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
26 Dec 3:15pmFrozen : Sing-Along
27 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
28 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
28 Dec 4:15pmFrozen : Sing-Along
28 Dec 9:50pmThe Lost Boys
29 Dec 12:30pmIts a Wonderful Life
29 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
29 Dec 4:15pmFrozen : Sing-Along
29 Dec 6:15pmScrooged
29 Dec 8:45pmAmerican Psycho
29 Dec 10:00pmTron
30 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
30 Dec 4:15pmFrozen : Sing-Along
30 Dec 6:20pmElf
30 Dec 8:45pmAmelie
30 Dec 9:45pmStand By Me
31 Dec 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
31 Dec 4:15pmFrozen : Sing-Along
31 Dec 6:05pmAirplane!
01 Jan 4:30pmEnemy
01 Jan 6:45pmEnemy
01 Jan 9:00pmEnemy
02 Jan 1:20pmEnemy
02 Jan 4:15pmEnemy
02 Jan 4:15pmEnemy
02 Jan 6:25pmUnder the Skin
02 Jan 8:45pmThe Big Lebowski
03 Jan 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
03 Jan 2:15pmEnemy
03 Jan 4:30pmEnemy
03 Jan 6:45pmEnemy
03 Jan 8:45pmMean Girls
03 Jan 9:00pmTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2...
04 Jan 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
04 Jan 2:15pmEnemy
04 Jan 4:30pmEnemy
04 Jan 6:45pmEnemy
04 Jan 8:45pmDr No
05 Jan 2:15pmEnemy
05 Jan 4:30pmEnemy
05 Jan 6:45pmEnemy
05 Jan 8:45pmDesperately Seeking Susan
06 Jan 2:15pmEnemy
06 Jan 3:30pmEnemy
06 Jan 6:45pmEnemy
06 Jan 8:45pmPsycho (1960)
07 Jan 2:15pmEnemy
07 Jan 4:30pmEnemy
07 Jan 6:45pmEnemy
07 Jan 8:45pmReservoir Dogs
07 Jan 11:30pmNight Of The Creeps
08 Jan 2:15pmEnemy
08 Jan 4:00pmEnemy
08 Jan 4:00pmEnemy
08 Jan 8:45pmThe Muppet Movie
09 Jan 6:30pmExplorers
09 Jan 9:00pmStar Trek II: The Wrath Of Kha...
10 Jan 8:30pmAlien and Aliens - Double Feat...
10 Jan 9:00pmSpice World
11 Jan 6:20pmAcross the Universe
11 Jan 8:45pmFrom Russia With Love
12 Jan 8:45pmThe Crow
13 Jan 8:45pmAll About My Mother
14 Jan 8:30pmJackie Brown
14 Jan 8:45pmBeyond Clueless
16 Jan 6:20pmTwelve Monkeys
16 Jan 9:00pmFace/Off
17 Jan 8:15pm2001: A Space Odyssey
17 Jan 9:00pmSouth Park - Bigger Longer & U...
18 Jan 6:30pmSlacker
18 Jan 8:45pmThunderball
19 Jan 8:45pmMeeks Cutoff
20 Jan 8:45pmRosemarys Baby
21 Jan 8:45pmKill Bill Vol. 1
22 Jan 8:45pmThe Dark Crystal
23 Jan 6:35pmLifeforce
23 Jan 9:00pmClueless
24 Jan 9:00pmTheodore Rex
25 Jan 6:30pmDazed And Confused
25 Jan 8:45pmYou Only Live Twice
26 Jan 8:45pmI Saw The Devil
27 Jan 8:45pmAmores Perros
28 Jan 8:45pmKill Bill Vol. 2
28 Jan 9:00pmOffice Space
29 Jan 8:45pmThe Apartment
30 Jan 8:45pmSpeed
01 Feb 6:15pmA Scanner Darkly
01 Feb 8:30pmCasino Royale (1967)
02 Feb 8:45pmGroundhog Day
02 Feb 9:00pmMe And You And Everyone We Kno...
03 Feb 8:45pmYojimbo
04 Feb 8:00pmGrindhouse
05 Feb 7:00pmThe Room - With Live Intro
05 Feb 9:30pmThe Room & The Neighbors - Wit...
06 Feb 11:30pmDarkman
06 Feb 11:59pmThe Room & The Neighbors - Wit...
09 Feb 8:45pmEternal Sunshine of the Spotle...
10 Feb 8:45pmBlue Valentine
11 Feb 8:45pmSightseers
12 Feb 9:00pmPunch Drunk Love
14 Feb 12:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
14 Feb 3:00pmBreakfast At Tiffanys
14 Feb 5:45pmBreakfast At Tiffanys
15 Feb 6:15pmMean Girls
15 Feb 8:30pmOn Her Majestys Secret Service
16 Feb 8:45pmFish Tank
17 Feb 8:45pmBlow Up
18 Feb 8:30pmInglourious Basterds
19 Feb 8:45pmBruce Springsteen - Music Vide...
20 Feb 6:30pmAkira
20 Feb 9:00pmDredd
21 Feb 8:45pmLabyrinth
21 Feb 9:00pmThrashin
22 Feb 8:30pmDiamonds Are Forever
23 Feb 8:45pmRolling Thunder
25 Feb 8:30pmDjango Unchained
25 Feb 8:45pmTimecrimes
26 Feb 8:30pmBoyhood
27 Feb 8:45pmHard Boiled
01 Mar 8:30pmLive And Let Die
08 Mar 8:30pmThe Man With The Golden Gun
15 Mar 8:30pmThe Spy Who Loved Me
22 Mar 8:30pmMoonraker
29 Mar 8:30pmFor Your Eyes Only
04 Apr 12:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
05 Apr 8:45pmGoldfinger
12 Apr 8:30pmNever Say Never Again
19 Apr 8:30pmOctopussy
26 Apr 8:30pmA View To A Kill
03 May 8:30pmThe Living Daylights
10 May 8:30pmLicence To Kill
17 May 8:30pmGoldeneye
24 May 8:30pmTomorrow Never Dies
31 May 8:30pmThe World Is Not Enough
07 Jun 8:30pmDie Another Day
14 Jun 8:30pmCasino Royale
21 Jun 8:30pmQuantum Of Solace
28 Jun 8:15pmSkyfall






Frozen : Sing-Along
Spice World
007 Retrospective
2001: A Space Odyssey
A Taste of Revenge...
Across The Universe Sing Along
Alien & Aliens - Double Feature
All Movie Marathons
Arnie All Nighter
Arnie Fridays
At The PCC : Three Month Special Event Planner
Avengers Warm-Up Marathon
Back To The Future Trilogy
BEER & PIZZA PARTY presents... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : The Secret Of The Ooze
Beyond Clueless with Director Charlie Lyne Q&A
Bloodied & Broken Hearts
Bruce Springsteen - Music Video Sing-Along
Christmas at the PCC!
Cine Espanol
Classic Film Season
Double Bills
Elf - Quote Along
Friday Night at the Movies
Frozen : Sing-Along
Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day
Home Alone - Quote Along
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Its A Wonderful Life
Labyrinth Masquerade Ball
Mean Girls - Bitch Along
Membership Discount Offers
Mulled Wine & Mince Pies
My Bloody Valentine (1981) - Anti-Valentines Party
Online Membership Purchases
Pulp Fiction - a Bad Motherf**king Party
Q&A - Audio Archive
Quentin Tarantino Retrospective
Richard Linklater Selectrospective
SCREAM Marathon
Scroobius Pips Film Club
Sing-A-Long-A Dirty Dancing
Sing-A-Long-A Events
Sing-A-Long-A Moulin Rouge
Spice World - Sing-Along
Swear Along with South Park
The Before Trilogy
The Good Bad Movie Club
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Magic of Jim Henson
The Muppet Christmas Carol - Sing Along
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Sing Along
The Room - with TOMMY WISEAU live on stage
When Harry Met Sally - NYE Screening!
While We Sweat Water & Blood - a season of films directed by women
Cinema Hire
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