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>1982 RULEZ
>2013 Retrospective
>A Nightmare On Elm Street Marathon
>Adapted for the Screen
>Aladdin - Sing Along
>Anchorman Double Bill
>Anchorman Quote Along
>At The PCC : Three Month Special Event Planner
>Back To The Future Trilogy
>Big, Badass Blockbusters
>Breakfast At Tiffanys - with piano pre-show & free glass of wine
>Bring It On - Cheer Along
>Bruce Springsteen - Music Video Sing-Along
>Bugsy Malone - Sing Along
>Casablanca - with piano pre-show & free glass of wine
>Chicago - Sing Along
>Classic Film Season
>Clue - Quote Along
>Coming Of Age...
>Cry-Baby - 1950s Party Night
>Dallas Buyers Club
>Directed By... Akira Kurosawa
>Directed by... Martin Scorsese
>Double Bills
>Edgar Wrights Cornetto Trilogy
>Empire Records - Record Store Day
>FILMAGEDDON 3 - A Film Quiz
>Frozen : Sing-Along
>Grease 2 - Sing Along
>Groundhog Day and Groundhog Day - in memory of Harold Ramis
>Hook - Quote Along
>Indiana Jones Trilogy
>Jeff Goldblums Laugh - New Film Blog
>Labyrinth Masquerade Ball
>Les Miserables - Weep Along
>Mailing List
>Mean Girls Quote Along
>Membership Discount Offers
>Metro Manilla - Charity Screening with Q&A
>Monty Python - Quote Alongs
>Mortal Kombat with Super Scratch Bros DJ Set
>Nymphomaniac - Volumes One & Two
>Parentheses Film Festival
>Pitch Perfect - Aca-Along
>Q&A - Audio Archive
>Saturday Matinees
>Sci-Fi Season
>Scroobius Pips Film Club
>Showgirls - a Ralph Bogard event
>Silent Sundays
>Sing-A-Long-A Dirty Dancing
>Sing-A-Long-A Events
>Sing-A-Long-A Grease
>Sing-A-Long-A Moulin Rouge
>Sing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
>Sing-a-long-a Sound Of Music
>Sing-A-Long-A Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
>Spaceballs - special May The Schwartz screening
>Spice World - Sing-Along
>Sundays with Schwarzenegger
>Tarantino Tuesdays
>Team America - F*ck Yeah
>Terracotta Film Club
>The Big Lebowski Quote Along
>The Dark Knight Trilogy
>The Double
>The Goonies - NEVER SAY DIE!
>The Room
>The Shiznit presents The Rules Of Attraction
>Toy Story Trilogy
>Under The Skin
>Warren United
>What Say You? Podcast - LIVE RECORDING

Ticket Charges

Debit cards cost 25p per transaction
Credit Cards have a 3% charge.
Internet Booking Fee 75p per ticket

18 Apr 1:20pmRaiders of The Lost Ark
18 Apr 1:30pmUnder the Skin
18 Apr 3:40pmIndiana Jones and The Temple o...
18 Apr 4:00pmThe Double
18 Apr 6:00pmIndiana Jones and the Last Cru...
18 Apr 6:30pmWhat Say You? - Podcast LIVE
18 Apr 8:45pmLabyrinth
18 Apr 9:15pmWhat Say You? - Podcast LIVE
19 Apr 1:00pmTake It Or Leave It
19 Apr 1:40pmBack To The Future
19 Apr 3:35pmUnder the Skin
19 Apr 4:00pmBack To The Future II
19 Apr 6:05pmThe Double
19 Apr 6:15pmBack to the Future III
19 Apr 8:45pmPitch Perfect
19 Apr 9:00pmEmpire Records
20 Apr 1:00pmGroundhog Day
Buy Double Bill
20 Apr 1:30pmThe Double
20 Apr 3:05pmGroundhog Day
Buy Double Bill
20 Apr 3:45pmUnder the Skin
20 Apr 6:00pmSpice World
20 Apr 6:15pmThe Double
20 Apr 8:15pmMonty Pythons Life of Brian
20 Apr 8:30pmConan the Barbarian
21 Apr 12:00pmBatman Begins
21 Apr 1:30pmUnder the Skin
21 Apr 2:45pmThe Dark Knight
21 Apr 4:00pmThe Double
21 Apr 5:40pmThe Dark Knight Rises
21 Apr 6:30pmThe Double
21 Apr 8:50pmUnder the Skin
21 Apr 9:00pmAnchorman
22 Apr 1:40pmUnder the Skin
22 Apr 1:50pmThe Double
22 Apr 4:00pmThe Double
22 Apr 4:10pmUnder the Skin
22 Apr 6:15pmThe Double
22 Apr 6:35pmUnder the Skin
22 Apr 8:20pmDjango Unchained
22 Apr 9:00pmBlow Up
23 Apr 1:40pmUnder the Skin
23 Apr 2:00pmThe Double
23 Apr 4:05pmUnder the Skin
23 Apr 4:15pmThe Double
23 Apr 6:25pmThe Double
23 Apr 6:30pmUnder the Skin
23 Apr 8:30pmGoodfellas
23 Apr 8:50pmThe Double
24 Apr 1:40pmUnder the Skin
24 Apr 1:55pmThe Double
24 Apr 4:05pmUnder the Skin
24 Apr 4:15pmThe Double
24 Apr 6:45pmThe Double
24 Apr 8:45pmThe Room
24 Apr 9:00pmTeam America: World Police
25 Apr 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Grease
25 Apr 9:00pmClue
26 Apr 6:15pmCasablanca
26 Apr 8:45pmCry-Baby
26 Apr 9:00pmThe Big Lebowski
27 Apr 3:45pmMean Girls
27 Apr 8:20pmOnly God Forgives
28 Apr 6:30pmIndiana Jones and The Temple o...
Buy Double Bill
28 Apr 8:50pmBig Trouble In Little China
Buy Double Bill
29 Apr 6:30pmNatural Born Killers
29 Apr 9:00pmA Streetcar Named Desire
30 Apr 6:50pmRocky III
30 Apr 8:00pmCasino
30 Apr 9:00pmElection (Hak se wui)
01 May 9:00pmThe 400 Blows
02 May 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
02 May 9:00pmRaiders of The Lost Ark
03 May 2:40pmHeat
03 May 6:05pmChicago
03 May 8:45pmGrease 2
03 May 9:00pmShowgirls
04 May 1:00pmSing-a-long-a Grease
04 May 4:00pmAladdin
04 May 6:10pmSpaceballs
04 May 8:30pmLes Miserables
04 May 8:45pmSafety Last
05 May 1:00pmToy Story Trilogy
05 May 6:30pmAnchorman
Buy Double Bill
05 May 8:35pmAnchorman 2: The Legend Contin...
Buy Double Bill
06 May 6:40pmAmerican Psycho
Buy Double Bill
06 May 8:30pmFILMAGEDDON - A Film Quiz!
06 May 8:45pmFight Club
Buy Double Bill
07 May 6:35pmDrunken Angel
07 May 8:45pmTo Kill A Mockingbird
08 May 6:20pmDazed And Confused
08 May 8:45pmLeon
08 May 9:00pmMortal Kombat
09 May 6:30pmAlien (Directors Cut)
09 May 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Grease
09 May 8:50pmSuperman
10 May 1:00pmMetro Manilla - Charity Screen...
10 May 3:15pmThe Good The Bad & The Ugly
10 May 6:45pmSinging in the Rain
10 May 8:45pmThe Goonies
10 May 9:00pmSpice World
11 May 4:00pmSpice World
11 May 6:15pmPitch Perfect
11 May 8:30pmThe General
11 May 8:45pmThe Running Man
12 May 6:45pmRepo Man
Buy Double Bill
12 May 8:50pmThe Warriors
Buy Double Bill
13 May 6:30pmBig
13 May 8:45pmAmerican Graffiti
14 May 8:30pmNo Country For Old Men
14 May 9:00pmThrone Of Blood
15 May 6:45pmBrief Encounter
15 May 8:30pmThe Rules Of Attraction
15 May 8:45pmBadlands
16 May 6:20pmAkira
16 May 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
16 May 9:00pmJurassic Park
17 May 3:35pm8 1/2
17 May 6:25pmBruce Springsteen - Music Vide...
17 May 8:45pmFrozen : Sing-Along
17 May 9:00pmClue
18 May 1:00pmFrozen : Sing-Along
18 May 3:45pmFrozen : Sing-Along
18 May 6:15pmMean Girls
18 May 8:45pmSunrise: A Song of Two Humans
19 May 6:35pmThe Great Dictator
Buy Double Bill
19 May 9:00pmDr Strangelove
Buy Double Bill
20 May 6:30pmBattle Royale
20 May 9:00pmPans Labyrinth
21 May 6:30pmTrainspotting
21 May 8:10pmSeven Samurai
22 May 6:40pmStand By Me
22 May 9:00pmEscape From Tomorrow
22 May 9:00pmThe Room
23 May 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Dirty Dancing
23 May 9:00pmRobocop
24 May 3:05pm2001: A Space Odyssey
24 May 6:00pmBreakfast At Tiffanys
24 May 8:45pmHook
24 May 9:00pmLabyrinth
25 May 4:45pmEdgar Wrights - Cornetto Trilo...
25 May 8:45pmCity Lights
26 May 1:35pmThe Godfather
Buy Double Bill
26 May 4:55pmThe Godfather Part II
Buy Double Bill
26 May 8:45pmPumping Iron
27 May 6:15pmBlue Velvet
Buy Double Bill
27 May 8:40pmMulholland Drive
Buy Double Bill
28 May 9:00pmEternal Sunshine of the Spotle...
29 May 9:00pmThe Kings of Summer
30 May 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Moulin Rouge
31 May 9:00pmA Nightmare On Elm Street Mara...
06 Jun 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
13 Jun 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Dirty Dancing
20 Jun 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Grease
22 Jun 1:00pmSing-a-long-a Grease
27 Jun 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Moulin Rouge
29 Jun 1:00pmWilly Wonka & The Chocolate Fa...
29 Jun 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
18 Jul 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Grease
24 Jul 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Dirty Dancing
25 Jul 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
29 Aug 12:00amSing-a-long-a Grease
18 Sep 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
19 Sep 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Dirty Dancing
25 Sep 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Moulin Rouge
26 Sep 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
28 Sep 1:00pmSing-a-long-a Grease
03 Oct 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Grease
17 Oct 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Dirty Dancing
19 Oct 1:00pmSing-a-long-a Grease
24 Oct 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
30 Oct 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
31 Oct 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
31 Oct 11:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
07 Nov 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Moulin Rouge
14 Nov 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Grease
16 Nov 1:00pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
21 Nov 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Dirty Dancing
28 Nov 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
04 Dec 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Rocky Horror
05 Dec 8:30pmSing-a-long-a Grease
11 Dec 8:30pmSing-a-long-a White Christmas
12 Dec 7:30pmSing-a-long-a Sound of Music
14 Dec 8:30pmSing-a-long-a White Christmas
18 Dec 8:30pmSing-a-long-a White Christmas
21 Dec 8:30pmSing-a-long-a White Christmas






Hitchcocks Horrors
John Carpenter All Nighter
Pitch Perfect
Sing-a-long-a Moulin Rouge
1982 RULEZ
2013 Retrospective
A Nightmare On Elm Street Marathon
Adapted for the Screen
Aladdin - Sing Along
Anchorman Double Bill
Anchorman Quote Along
At The PCC : Three Month Special Event Planner
Back To The Future Trilogy
Big, Badass Blockbusters
Breakfast At Tiffanys - with piano pre-show & free glass of wine
Bring It On - Cheer Along
Bruce Springsteen - Music Video Sing-Along
Bugsy Malone - Sing Along
Casablanca - with piano pre-show & free glass of wine
Chicago - Sing Along
Classic Film Season
Clue - Quote Along
Coming Of Age...
Cry-Baby - 1950s Party Night
Dallas Buyers Club
Directed By... Akira Kurosawa
Directed by... Martin Scorsese
Double Bills
Edgar Wrights Cornetto Trilogy
Empire Records - Record Store Day
Frozen : Sing-Along
Grease 2 - Sing Along
Groundhog Day and Groundhog Day - in memory of Harold Ramis
Hook - Quote Along
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Jeff Goldblums Laugh - New Film Blog
Labyrinth Masquerade Ball
Les Miserables - Weep Along
Mailing List
Mean Girls Quote Along
Membership Discount Offers
Metro Manilla - Charity Screening with Q&A
Monty Python - Quote Alongs
Mortal Kombat with Super Scratch Bros DJ Set
Nymphomaniac - Volumes One & Two
Parentheses Film Festival
Pitch Perfect - Aca-Along
Q&A - Audio Archive
Saturday Matinees
Sci-Fi Season
Scroobius Pips Film Club
Showgirls - a Ralph Bogard event
Silent Sundays
Sing-A-Long-A Dirty Dancing
Sing-A-Long-A Events
Sing-A-Long-A Moulin Rouge
Sing-A-Long-A Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Spaceballs - special May The Schwartz screening
Spice World - Sing-Along
Sundays with Schwarzenegger
Tarantino Tuesdays
Team America - F*ck Yeah
Terracotta Film Club
The Big Lebowski Quote Along
The Dark Knight Trilogy
The Double
The Goonies - NEVER SAY DIE!
The Room
The Shiznit presents The Rules Of Attraction
Toy Story Trilogy
Under The Skin
Warren United
What Say You? Podcast - LIVE RECORDING
Cinema Hire
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